Press Release

Valiant introduces lower cost NTP (Network Time Protocol) Server

January 04, 2016

VCL-2156 NTP SERVER is designed to provide a highly precise time reference that is locked to a GPS (GNSS) Reference to provide time synchronization to private networks such as Railway and Metro ticketing and platform networks, Airports and Air-Traffic Control facilities, Electric Sub-Stations and Power Distribution and Transmission companies, Oil and Gas Utilities, ISPs and Cable TV networks as well as to Campus networks that are required to maintain a complete isolation from public networks for security reasons.

The Valiant NTP SERVER may also be used by 2G, 3G and LTE service providers which provide a time of day reference to their customers over their wireless networks.

Valiant NTP SERVER locks to a GPS (GNSS) reference to provide an NTP time reference on up to 4 independent, 10/100BaseT Ethernet Ports which can be segregated to serve separate classes of assets in the network by the creation of multiple VLANs. Each VCL-2156 NTP SERVER supports up to 16 VLANs.

The VCL-2156 NTP SERVER is equipped with a highly accurate, low-noise OCXO to provide a high stability, ITU-T G.812, Type II, III compliant holdover clock with better than 12µs accuracy over a 24 hour (5 milliseconds per year) period in the event of unavailability of the GPS (GNSS) signal, or GPS (GNSS) antenna failure, or a temporary loss of reception in a totally isolated network without any external reference.

VCL-2156 establishes a highly accurate phase-synchronized frequency and time base by synchronizing to the GPS (GNSS) satellites’ atomic clocks to distribute synchronized time over packet based networks including Ethernet, Carrier Ethernet, IP and IP/MPLS Networks.

The VCL-2156 NTP TIME SERVER provides a wide range of GPS (GNSS) referenced frequency and time sources that include 2.048MHz, 1/5/10MHz, 1PPS frequency as well as an NMEA and NTPv4 time reference.

Features such as maintaining a distinctly separate IP address for system management and control, password based access, SSH, HTTPS as well as MD5 authentication ensures operational reliability and security. Additional features include remote login and remote firmware upgrade (file transfer) capabilities. The simplicity of installation and ease of management and reliable operation of the VCL-2156 NTP Server decreases the cost of network administration.

VCL-2156 includes complete SNMP monitoring as well as support for enterprise directory services for user authentication, internal and external logging and monitoring of alarm and error messages through Syslog and e-mail alert notifications ensures a high level of system manageability. Other features include DHCP for installation convenience and support concurrent IPv4/IPv6 support for future network upgradation. A new Graphical User Network Management Interface (NMS) allows for easy monitoring and configuration changes in a network that require multiple installations for be monitored and managed from a single or multiple management locations.

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