Synchronization Audit Services, Telecom Consulting and Synchronization Audit


Valiant Communications provides tailor-made Telecom Consulting and Synchronization Audit services that can help a customer efficiently and cost-effectively check their network performance and protect its Quality of Service. Services includes planning or recommending updating their network for optimal Time and Frequency Synchronization performance of the related equipment that has been installed in the network.

Telecom Services Division for Sync Audit and Consulting - At A Glance:

  • Sync Audit of GPS Primary Reference Clocks (PRC) as per ITU-T G.811 and ETSI standards.
  • Sync Audit of PTP Grandmaster (IEEE-1588v2)
  • Sync Audit of Synchronization Supply Units (SSU)
  • Sync Audit of NTP Servers for load and accuracy
  • Focused on Service
  • Domain Knowledge and Expertise
  • All-Inclusive Statement of Work
  • Cost effective
  • Quality System Certified to ISO 9001:2000
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Synchronization Audits

A Synchronization Audit from Valiant Communications is an indispensable tool to maintain the integrity of telecom networks and to avoid synchronization related outages. Audits leverage the existing network investments and identify maintenance issues before they become critical and costly and eventually lead to network problems. Using Valiant’s advanced auditing, testing, performance and verification procedures, the network operator can maintain the reliability of their timing sources and check their network’s performance, compliance and determine if the installed synchronization equipment is performing optimally as per the norms and the standards that have been prescribed by the network licensee.  It also helps the network operators maintain and update their network synchronization records on a periodical basis for network quality certification purposes.

With our Synchronization Audit Services, we deliver a comprehensive status report, along with an executive overview of results and our expert summary of recommendations.

Services Provided

  • Manufacture and installation & Commissioning of high quality and extremely reliable GPS Primary Reference Clocks (PRC) and PTP Grandmaster (IEEE 1588v2)
  • Manufacture and installation & Commissioning of Synchronization Supply Unit (SSU)
  • Manufacture and installation & Commissioning of NTP Servers
  • Operation and Maintenance Support (Sync Network Audit, Quality Measurements Services)
  • Synchronization Audit measurements