VCL-TP, Teleprotection IEC 61850 GOOSE over IP / MPLS Interface


VCL-TP Teleprotection - IEC-61850 GOOSE over IP/MPLS equipment is a 2U high, 19-inch rack mountable equipment that is designed transport IEC-61850 GOOSE* (*Generic Object Oriented Substation Event) messages over an IP/MPLS network. The equipment also provides 8 Binary Inputs / Outputs and performs GOOSE to Binary / Binary to GOOSE functions, thereby allowing the users to install VCL-TP Teleprotection - IEC-61850 GOOSE over IP/MPLS equipment between sub-stations where one sub-station (protection relay) is using GOOSE messages and the other complementing sub-station (protection relay) is using binary commands.

The VCL-TP Teleprotection - IEC-61850 GOOSE over IP/MPLS incorporates the same level of “reliability” and “dependability” that the users have come to expect of the IEEE C37.94 based communication interface. Additionally, the VCL-TP Teleprotection - IEC-61850 GOOSE over IP/MPLS provides un-paralleled security, speed as well as all the advantages of an IEC-61850 GOOSE based system operating in a “Digital Sub-station” environment.

The VCL-TP Teleprotection - IEC-61850 GOOSE over IP/MPLS is extremely fast and reliable “Distance Protection” device that offers up to 8, 2-way independent command channels, each of which can be operated independently over an IP / MPLS / Ethernet network with an extremely high degree of reliability and security.

Transmission interface options include:

Features and Highlights:

  • Unrivalled Speed, Security and Reliability of IEC-60834-1 Protection Systems
  • Compact, standard 19-Inch Rack-mountable, 2U high chassis
  • Bi-directional Transmission of 8 command Inputs and 8 command outputs
  • Full Duplex Operation. Automatic loop test facility
  • IEC-61850 GOOSE, RJ45 Electrical) Port. PSCH.1 and PSCH.2 Protection Scheme as per IEC-61850 GOOSE protocol.
  • Available with 48V DC, 110V DC, 220V DC, 250V DC, 110V AC and 220V AC and 1+1 Redundant Power Supply options.

Substation Interfaces:

  • IEC-61850 GOOSE
    • 1 x 10/100BaseT Electrical Ethernet Port [RJ45 (F)]
    • 8, 2-way independent binary commands

Network Interfaces:

  • IP; or MPLS/IP; or MPLS-TP
  • 1 x 10/100BaseT Electrical Ethernet Port [RJ45 (F)]
  • 1 x 100BaseFX Optical Ethernet Port [without SFP]

Management and Monitoring:

  • RS232 serial, USB serial interfaces for local terminal access
  • 10/100BaseT Ethernet Interface for remote access over an IP network
  • Encrypted Password Protection
  • Telnet - Remote access over IP links with “disable” option for added security.
  • SSH - Secured remote access using Secure Shell Protocol over IP links for secure link communication.
  • IEC-61850 Compliant NMS, or SNMP Traps for real time remote monitoring over an Ethernet / IP network
  • Visual I/O status – LED Display.
  • Dry contact external alarm relay to connect an external alarm on an annunciator panel, which can be wired up for either NO or NC condition.


  • Command Transfer Time – GOOSE to GOOSE: Less than 2ms.
  • Command Transfer Time – GOOSE to Binary: Less than 4ms.
  • Command Transfer Time –Binary to GOOSE: Less than 4ms.


  • Manual Loop Test: This feature initiates a “Manual Loop-Test” of the transmission link that interconnects the “Local” unit and the “Remote” unit
  • Automatic Loop Test: The Automatic Link Test feature automatically initiates “Periodic Loop Tests” at user programmed intervals of the transmission link that interconnects the “Local” unit and the “Remote” unit.

Event and Alarm Logging:

  • Time-Stamped Alarm Logging
  • Time-Stamped Event Logging.

Reliability and Security:

  • Advanced Communication Protocol to ensure reliable transmission of commands
  • Encrypted Transmission – User selectable option

Error Detection and Coding:

  • Line Code Violation Detection
  • Check-sum Verification – To determine integrity of all commands
  • LOS Detection

Time Clock and Time Synchronization:

  • Built-in real time clock (RTC).
  • NTP Time synchronization.
  • IEEE-1588v2 PTP Time synchronization.

Configuration and Access Command Language:

  • Command Line Interface (English text commands).
  • Graphical User Interface.

Power Consumption:

  • < 18 Watts.


  • > 300,000 hours / > 35.25 years