80 x E1 DACS (DXC)

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E1 DXC / E1 DACS - Upto 80 x E1
160Mbps Digital Access Cross Connect Switch

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  • Scalable: May be used in configurations ranging from 8 E1 Ports to 80 E1 Ports.
  • May be scaled from 8 E1 Ports to up to 80 E1 Ports by adding additional interface cards.
  • Versatile: May be configured as a DACS or as a E1 Multiplexer to provide E1.
  • Offers full cross-connect functionality to cross-connect between 64Kbps time-slots (DS-0s), "n"x64Kbps consecutive DS-0s and Fractional E1 channels to full E1 channels
  • 160Mbps, 80 E1 fully non-blocking cross-connect at 64Kbps (DS-0) level (2480 DS-0 any to any time-slot cross-connect)
  • Occupies 6U high (264 mm) rack-space and is a complete 19-inch standalone unit.
  • Provides a 64Kbps time-slot (DS-0) cross-connect fabric for up to 80 E1 ports.

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