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VCL-TP, Teleprotection IEEE C37.94 Optical Fiber - Digital Protection Signaling Equipment

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VCL-TP, Teleprotection over IEEE C37.94 Optical Fiber interface is an extremely rugged digital protection signalling equipment that has been designed to operate reliably even under the most demanding conditions and environment. The VCL-TP, Teleprotection Equipment offers up to 8, 2-way independent binary command channels which can be operated selectively; in a combination; or simultaneously over a C37.94 compliant optical fiber link. VCL-TP, Teleprotection Equipment may be used independently in a point-to-point application between two nodes connected over an optical fiber link, or it may be (optionally**) used in a Point-to-Multipoint application when equipped with 2 x IEEE C37.94 Optical Interfaces.

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