IEEE C37.94 Optical Interface Card

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IEEE C37.94 Optical Interface Card

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IEEE C37.94 Optical Interface Card provides 4 x IEEE C37.94 compliant interfaces for the VCL-MX Version-6 E1 PDH Multiplexer. This card can be used to interface with current differential protection relays. VCL-MX Version 6 - 80 x E1 Multiplexer may be used for inter-connecting legacy voice and data networks, provisioning and managing bandwidth on a E1 channelized level as well as 64Kbps, DS-0 time-slot level and can be used as a digital-access cross-connect equipment. This solution also provides 4 x Binary (110V DC / 220V DC) Commands Teleprotection interface for providing Distance Protection and IEEE C37.94 optical (MM / SM) ports for providing Distance / Differential Protection.

By installing IEEE C37.94 Card, the existing IEEE C37.94 interfaces from differential and protection relays can be transmitted over the E1 network without incurring large capex, or without the tiresome task of having to replace or rewire the IEEE C37.94 Relays which need to be interconnected to the far end substations over E1 (SDH) transmission links.

IEEE C37.94 Teleprotection Card Provides Differential Protection using IEEE C37.94 Teleprotection Interface. 4 x C37.94 Optical Interfaces are provided per card. Each MUX supports up to 9 x C37.94 TP Cards (i.e. 36 x IEEE C37.94 Optical interfaces).

VCL-MX IEEE C37.94 interface card meets and complies with EMI, EMC, Surge and Temperature specifications making it suitable for sub-station installations to provide uninterrupted service even in the most demanding and harsh environments.

Technical Specifications

Specifications Option #1 Option #2
Interfaces per card 4 (4 Tx, 4 Rx) 4 (4 Tx, 4 Rx)
Standards IEEE C37.94 Modulation as per IEEE C37.94
Optical connector ST LC (SFP)
Optical Transmitter LED Laser
Optical 820nm Multi-Mode 820nm/850nm Multi-Mode 1310nm/ 1550nm Single Mode

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