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Application - Where is it used?
The XC 64 E1 electronic patch panel is designed to be used in Central Offices, Data Centers, Command and Control Centers, Remote Cell Sites, Utilities and Dealing Rooms seeking to eliminate the jungle of external patch-cords and loosely hanging wires which usually exists in locations where patch panels are installed.

64 E1 Port Intelligent (Manageable)
Electronic E1 to E1 Patch Panel

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The XC, 64 E1 port electronic intelligent (manageable) patch panel allows the user to cross-connect any E1 port to any to any E1 ports, electronically, without having to use any external patch-cords or loose hanging wires. The XC 64 E1 port electronic patch panel also provides the user with the capability to uni-directionally broadcast E1 inputs to multiple E1 destinations.

The XC 64 E1 port electronic patch panel also allows the user to re-route any E1 circuit to a secondary route (secondary E1 Port) in the event of the failure of the primary E1 route (primary E1 port), without any human intervention and may be used as an "N"+1protection switch. The feature to provide "N"+1 Protection capability is available as an optional software module any may be ordered additionally.

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